While training to be a Calling In “The One” coach, I joyfully attracted my true love. I married for the first time at age 52, and consciously evolved beyond my dysfunctional patterns in love.

As a professional musician and teacher, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my career or home to merge my life with a partner. I believed love might require me to give up what was most important to me and feared I would lose my sense of self in the process. My work with Katherine Woodward-Thomas taught me to presence my feelings and needs in a way that allowed my partner to see and hear me and to engage conflict in a way that would deepen our understanding of each other. Together we have created a loving blended family. We share both our homes and support each other’s career and dreams.

In addition to Calling In “The One”, I have completed trainings for Conscious Uncoupling, True You Awakening, Dream Interpretation, and Oracle Card Reading. I use my intuition, knowledge, and experience to guide clients through their own evolutionary process, helping them shift limiting beliefs, and develop skills that allow them to become magnetic to the love they are seeking.


Music is the Universal language of the Soul. Learn how to musically express yourself through singing or playing the piano. Lessons are offered for children, reading age on up, and adults. In a 45 minute weekly lesson, you will learn how to easily read music, keep steady rhythms, play or sing songs that inspire you, and perform meaningful music with other musicians. You can also learn to play by ear and compose your own songs. You will develop refined listening skills for various styles of music, such as classical, popular, broadway, jazz and new age. You will also expand your knowledge and appreciation of well-known composers and their most famous musical works. Lesson availability varies and requires a phone interview.