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Jeanine Dudek is a Certified Angel Card Reader™ trained by Doreen Virtue and an Animal Communicator trained by Diane Roadcap. She has finely-tuned intuitive skills and years of private reading experience. She has taught workshops on Oracle Card Reading and Developing Your Intuition, and frequently gives classes and private readings at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel, Unity of Gaithersburg and other spiritual events.


In addition, Jeanine has devoted her life to developing her abilities as a musician and teacher as a way to share her intuitive gifts. She has composed and recorded several meditation CD’s, using her angelic singing voice for healing and spiritual connection. She has taught piano and voice lessons privately, and performed as a guest musician at local churches and special events for over 25 years. She currently performs with the River Road Unitarian Universalist Choir and as a vocal soloist at Unity of Gaithersburg.


As an animal lover and nature advocate, Jeanine has worked for many years with animal rescue groups (Friends of Rabbits and BunnyLu Adoptions) and fostered and adopted many rabbits with special needs. She is currently assisting Monarch butterfly conservation efforts by growing Milkweed, caring for Monarchs during the migrating season and sharing that information with others. She is writing a book to raise awareness about the impact of climate change and commercial farming on the loss of natural habitat for Monarch butterflies.



Training & Certifications


– Associate in Arts – Music: Piano and Vocal Performance (double major).  Montgomery College (Rockville, MD)

– Angel Alignment™ Practitioner.  Angelwood Productions / Candy Danzis (Mechanicsburg, PA)

– Certified Angel Card Reader™.  HayHouse / Doreen Virtue (Baltimore, MD)

– Advanced Angel Tarot & Oracle Card.  Hayhouse / Doreen Virtue (Online Course)

– Angel Dreams Interpretation.  HayHouse / Doreen Virtue (Online Course)

– Animal Communication Training.   Diane Roadcap, Pet Communicator (Arlington, VA)

– Graduate of Katherine Woodward Thomas’ Courses: Calling In The One, Feminine Power, and Conscious Uncoupling (Evolving Wisdom)

– Extensive study of the “Course in Miracles” and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks on the Law of Attraction


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Experience beautiful healing music, inspired by Angels and Nature, that quiet your mind and bring peace to your heart. Jeanine Dudek is an experienced musician, composer, and teacher with an ethereal voice and a genuine connection to angels, animals, and nature. She has created several musical meditations and performs her spiritual music for local events, church services, and sacred ceremonies, upon request. She also teaches private piano and voice lessons.

Jeanine's Written Music




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Music is the Universal language of the Soul. Learn how to musically express yourself through singing or playing the piano. Lessons are offered for children, reading age on up, and adults. In a 45 minute weekly lesson, you will learn how to easily read music, keep steady rhythms, play or sing songs that inspire you, and perform meaningful music with other musicians. You can also learn to play by ear and compose your own songs. You will develop refined listening skills for various styles of music, such as classical, popular, broadway, jazz and new age. You will also expand your knowledge and appreciation of well-known composers and their most famous musical works. Lesson availability varies and requires a phone interview.



Angel Card DeckAngel Card Reading

Oracle cards are a creative, positive, and reliable way of receiving support and loving guidance from the Universe. You can choose a deck that resonates with your spiritual beliefs, such as Angels, Animals, or Nature. Each session begins with a heart centering prayer to connect with Divine Source Energy. Find out what healing messages your Spirit Guides and Angels most want you to know. Practical ideas and meaningful insights about your health, relationships, career, or living situation will surface so you can make better choices about how to proceed. Sessions can be done in person or by phone and a photograph of the card layout can be sent by e-mail.


Animal CommunicationAnimal Communication

Would you like to know what your pet is thinking or feeling? Are you wondering if your pet’s troublesome behavior is due to a medical condition that needs to be checked by a vet or is due to a disturbance in your pet’s environment? Have you lost a pet recently and still need heart healing and closure? When is it best to continue a medical treatment, try an alternative approach, or prepare to let go? These are complex questions that can be addressed during an animal communication session to gain clarity about your pet’s situation so that you can make better choices about how to respond. Connections can be made in person or by phone and a photograph of your pet, sent by e-mail.



Background 9Developing Your Intuition: Connecting to Your Higher Wisdom

Everyone is born with the ability to feel good and bad “vibes”. We all dream and daydream. The key is to pay attention and notice what you are feeling and what repeat images are coming up. In this workshop you will learn simple skills for raising your vibration and calming your mind. You will learn to distinguish between the voice of your ego-mind and the true voice of Spirit. We will discuss practical things you can do to develop your own natural intuition and receive reliable guidance on your own.


Angel Card Deck (Open)Angel Card Reading Basics: Using Oracle Cards to Connect with Your Higher Wisdom, Angels, and Spirit Guides.

Oracle cards are a fun and effective way of receiving support and loving guidance from the Universe. You can choose a deck that resonates with your spiritual beliefs, such as Angels, Ascended Masters, Animal Guides, or Nature. In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare your cards and yourself for a reading, several simple card layouts, how to ask appropriate questions, and how to interpret the cards in a way that is practical and meaningful. When used in this way, the cards become a reliable and sacred tool of communication between you and Spirit.


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