Songs of the Angels

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The Mystical Dream – Years ago I had a mystical dream. I was meditating and began to slip into a lucid sleep. Suddenly I noticed a door on a wall in my room where there had never been one before. I wanted to know where the door led. I was amazed to find that it was connected to a passageway in a very ancient and sacred castle. I was surprised to realize that my room was part of that castle. I was led to the third floor of the massive structure to the Grand Library, where all the knowledge of the Universe was held.

I was drawn to a wooden podium upon which lay open a very thick book. The cover of the book was indigo blue and the pages luminescent white with gold trim. The pages appeared to be blank, but when I rested my hands upon them, I heard beautiful celestial music. I was in awe. I folded the book over to see what it was, and I saw the title, “Songs of the Angels” in gold writing.

At that moment, I knew I had been given an amazing gift. I knew that my soul had access to this book and the music it contained and that it would be my life’s purpose to bring the celestial melodies of that realm into this world so that others could enjoy them and remember their connection to this heavenly place. I thank God for the musical talent and singing voice I have been given to accomplish this task. I thank the Angels, who are the original composers of these melodies, and their eternal assistance in helping me bring them to you.

I often ask my adult students and clients this question: ” What inspired you to come here today and interact with the angels?” I ask, because everyone has an amazing story to tell. As a young adult in music school, learning to play the piano and sing for the first time, I never would have imagined that years later I would be working with angels, composing and performing their heavenly melodies and teaching others how to hear their voices. I could barely sing a tune then, let alone write one, record it or perform it.

As a child, I wanted to play the piano and sing, but I was the seventh child of eleven and money was tight. My father used to say, “your mother is a talented pianist, a graduate from the Peabody School of Music, and she can teach you.” And she could have, if she wasn’t tending to so many children. When I left home for college at seventeen, I began my studies at the University of Maryland in medicine but every time I passed a piano, I wanted to cry. I wanted to know if I could play the piano if I tried, so I took a year to teach myself how to play and the following autumn, I was accepted at Montgomery College as a piano major.

The singing part of this came as a surprise. I was so shy about other people hearing me sing that I only sang in my car. One day my piano professor heard me sing the Schubert “Ave Maria” while helping another pianist learn the piano score. He sat me down at my next lesson to recommend that I change my major to singing. At first, I thought he was telling me I was a terrible pianist, because how could my singing be better than my piano playing?

He then said, “Jeanine, you play the piano beautifully but there are so many others who play it beautifully also, but no one has your voice. It is unique in all the world and when it comes to performing, people will always ask to hear you sing rather than play the piano.” I didn’t know it at the time, but he was right. For over two decades, that has always been the case. I have been requested to sing for weddings, funerals, Sunday services, fundraisers, and countless other events. People have invited me to celebrate some of their most precious life moments by sharing my voice and the angelic music I have been inspired to sing and create.

For years I sang sacred music for local church services and taught piano and voice lessons through the week. I was inspired to care for rabbits with special needs and created a small rescue called “the Rabbit Nursery”. This taught me many lessons in patience, compassion, and unconditional love. I often wondered when I would start receiving the angelic melodies I heard in my dream many years before. And I also wondered how I would capture them and share them with others. My teaching piano and voice lessons to others strengthened my ability to write and score music and my weekly church singing helped me overcome my fear of singing in front of others.

In 2005, I received the first melody, known as “the Song of Passage” from the Songs of the Angels – Celestial Meditation Series. I discovered that the key to receiving the songs is to ASK and then become fully present and open to receive. I will share the amazing story about the creation of “Upon the Wings of Angels” in my next blog. Thank you for taking the time to read this. May your day be blessed with angels and may they make their presence in your life known to you in ordinary and extraordinary ways.


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