Monarch Caterpillar & Butterfly Updates 2015

Photos and updates of this year’s Monarch conservation efforts.

Songs of the Angels

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Songs of the Angels

The Miraculous Journey… I am very proud of this lady butterfly. I was just in time to rescue her. I was watching the Monarchs dance in the garden at the park yesterday. Suddenly, a male butterfly jumped on top of a female and they went crashing to the pavement. Wings were flapping and I didn’t want to interfere with a mating ritual, but after several minutes, I realized something was not going as planned. I came closer and observed. The female’s abdomen was accidentally bent forward under her thorax. She couldn’t get up to support herself with the weight of the male on top of her and he wasn’t willing to let go. I gently lifted them both into my hand and saw that she was motionless. Luckily, the naturalist was working nearby. She was...

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